Click here for a glimpse of our beautiful flower garden in the back of our church and bordering the Candle Lake Cemetery.  Feel free to visit anytime, and if you like gardening, perhaps you'd like to help maintain it!

Click here to see how you can provide milk to a child in Africa.

Note *No 10:00 am service July 1st but

join us at 7:00 pm for a Praise & Worship Service with Rev. Cust presiding.

We are offering TWO day camps this year with the financial assistance of ACU! Check here for dates and details!

​​​Next Board Meeting - Monday, July 9th 9am

Learn about the church's humble, but divine and amazing beginnings at Candle Lake; location; missions; rental; and FAQ. 

Our monthly Luncheons and Men's Big Breakfasts are over for the season    Watch for posters, the newsletter and this site for details of future events!

See what interesting and inspiring programs are currently in place and check out our changes to the Feed The Hungry Program.

View the monthly Minister's Schedules for the months of June and July.

View a full explanation of our Pastoral Care Program, and learn Contact information.

                Join us in worship

 every Sunday at 10:00 am

​​​​​Evan's Milk Ministry

A new program offered monthly for those  who have lost their spouse and would appreciate sharing what one goes through at this difficult time. Click for details and times.

You can now e-transfer funds if you wish.  email address: 

Receipts will be provided for donations over $19.99  Please provide address and security answer when e-transferring.

Our annual Salad Fiesta again was a full house and a great success!  $1,025.00 was raised through the quilt raffle and donated to the Evan's Milk Ministry!  Good job, Jackie!  Thank you to all who came, and all who brought salads!

Our 2nd Annual Gospel Night on May 20th was another huge success!  Thank you to those who came to enjoy some great Gospel music, and everyone who organized the event!

​​​​Pastoral Care

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